How I Market and Sell Your Building

Is it time to sell? Done with of leaky toilets, cranky tenants, and rent control? Ready to cash out after years of hard work? You’re not alone. Many of my clients have owned their buildings for years and with the huge jump in prices have decided that now is the time to cash out and relax.

So what’s the next step? Here’s the process:

First, give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s have a conversation about your goals and what you want to accomplish. I want to fully understand your situation and make sure I can help you.

I’ll need to know some basic information about your building like number of units, unit mix, current rents, parking, expenses, and the current condition of the building.

Once I have this information, I’ll start the research to determine a value range for your building. I’ll pull recent sales comps in your area and enter the info on a spreadsheet. I am looking to determine averages for certain data: Price Per Unit, Gross Rent Multiplier, Cap Rate, and Cost Per Square Foot. Once I have averages for each data point I can compare those numbers with your building to come up with a high and low price range.

Once I have a value range determined I will have my escrow officer prepare a seller’s net sheet for you to review. I want you to know exactly how much cash you will walk away with if you decide to sell.

At this point if you decide that I am the right broker to handle the sale of your building and we have discussed and agreed to a listing price, I will prepare the listing paperwork so I can get started with the marketing materials and getting the property on the market.

Here is what you need to supply me once we have signed the paperwork.

1) Rent Roll
2) Copies of all tenant rental agreements
3) Copies of any service contracts including trash and laundry
4) Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of all tenants
6) A year to date Profit and Loss Statement

Here what I will be doing to launch your building

1) Send a letter of introduction to the tenants
2) Arrange for interior unit inspections with the tenants
3) Arrange a termite inspection
4) Arrange a retrofit inspection (smoke detectors, gas shut valves, etc.)
5) Pull the building permits and Certificate of Occupancy.
6) Order a Preliminary Title Report
7) Shoot all videos and photos
8) Prepare a professional Income and Expense Sheet
9) Prepare a marketing brochure
10) Prepare the custom website
11) Prepare the tenant estoppels
12) Enter property in the Multiple Listing Service
13) Enter property in and Costar Commercial MLS
14) Enter property on my website at
15) Email a marketing package to my investor database
16) Email a marketing package to my commercial broker database
17) Arrange a Commercial Mortgage Quote for prospective buyers
18) Order a For Sale sign

Upon the launch of your building, your property will be placed in the MLS,, and various real estate websites. All of the important data that an investor needs to evaluate your building will be readily accessible and downloadable: The rent roll, and income and expense sheet, the marketing brochure, leases, inspection reports, preliminary title reports, commercial mortgage quote, photos, and videos.

What I want to do is to make it easy for an investor or a broker to find your building in the MLS or online, see the photos and watch the video, and download and review all of the important data that an investor needs to make a decision. What slows things down and makes it difficult for a buyer’s agent is not being able to reach the listing agent to ask about the building and not having access to all of the data. Many agents are not easily reachable on the phone and do not provide high quality downloadable data about their listings.

My marketing philosophy is to expose your building to the entire universe of potential investors for your property in order to generate multiple offers and then pick the best one.

Once we have offers coming in, we will review them and I will make recommendations on which ones to counter and what terms to put in the counter.

If you have further questions or would just like to have a chat, please give me a call or text at (310) 308-3174 or email me at  I look forward to talking to you, thank you.